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The conditions for carrying out activities relating to the organization and sale of trips or stays are governed by law no. 94-490 of June 15, 1994 (Official Journal of June 17, 1994) and apply to the proposed trip.

Any registration implies acceptance of these general conditions of sale.

1. Registrations

To participate in the proposed trip, the reservation must be made either via the online store or by making contact via email at


Bank transaction

Online payment is made via a secure platform, which guarantees your transaction is secure and guaranteed. does not keep any banking and sensitive data on its servers.

Payment by check to be sent to Jurallye-Tour 698 chemin d'amont 39220 Prémanon

By bank transfer SAS Jurallye-Tour

IBAN   FR76  1250   6390 _cc78190 5-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ 4256  5348    9691   942


The balance must be paid in full, registration for the trip will be considered canceled and the customer will have to pay the cancellation fees provided for in paragraph 4 of these conditions.

The general conditions of sale must be duly accepted/signed at the same time as the validation of purchase of the stay. After validation by Jurallye-Tour, a confirmation by e-mail will be sent to the customer.


Our prices include the services indicated on the website and on the order form; the services vary according to the roadbook or the proposed theme.

3.Cancellation / Modification by the organizer

Jurallye-Tour reserves the right to cancel group stays reserved via the contract sent by e-mail 25 days before departure in the event of an unforeseeable event.

Jurallye-Tour reserves the right to cancel all stays ordered via the website 10 days before the date of the stay in the event of an unforeseeable event.

As far as possible, another date of stay  will then be offered to the participant.

If the latter cannot accept the modification, the amounts paid will be fully reimbursed.

The organizer reserves the right to modify the circuit or the departure dates if this is imposed on it by the service providers  or in the event of unforeseeable events.

4. Cancellation by the customer

In accordance with article L.221-28-12 of the consumer code for tourist packages made outside the establishment, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised.
In case of cancellation, the customer must inform Juralye-Tour of his decision by e-mail or post. Depending on the date of cancellation, the customer will have to pay the following cancellation fees: (the postmark being taken as proof).

– More than 60 days before departure…………… 20% of the total amount
– From 59 to 40 days before departure ……………40% of the total amount
– From 39 to 20 days before departure ……………60% of the total amount
– From 19 to 10 days before departure……………..80% of the total amount
– From 10 to 5 days before departure ………..90% of the total amount

– 5 days or less before departure ................100% of the total amount

5. Assignment of a contract

The participant may assign his contract before the start of the trip to a person who meets all the conditions required to make the trip and who has signed these conditions.

This replacement by another participant will result in a flat-rate billing for costs of €150. The assignor and the assignee will be jointly and severally liable for payment of the balance of the price.

6. Limits of Liability

Jurallye-Tour is not responsible:

Maritime transport: a maritime company may have to modify the date of a departure, in particular during a strike by company or port staff, or for reasons of passenger safety, or for any delay due to atmospheric conditions. .

In this case, the responsibility of Jurallye-Tour can not be engaged and no compensation can be attributed to it even in the event of a modification of the course of the program initially planned.

Breaches, illegal acts, wrongdoing by hoteliers and other service providers, as well as their employees and agents causing damage to participants, their belongings and personal belongings.

In the event of interruption or cancellation of the trip caused  by cases of force majeure (war, revolt, disaster, epidemic, etc.) Jurallye-Tour will not assume the costs and disbursements which would result.

In the event of conflicts or troubles arising in the countries crossed Jurallye-Tour will not be responsible for the impossibility of honoring all or part of the services.

Jurallye-Tour is not responsible for any loss, theft, bodily injury or material damage that may occur during the stay, the participant agrees to waive civil or criminal recourse against Jurallye-Tour.

Under no circumstances can Jurallye-TOUR be held liable in the event of a traffic accident or incidents due to external factors (climatic incidents, bad road conditions, stray animals, natural disasters).

Jurallye-Tour will not be responsible for the non-payment of participants' extras, for any damage or degradation that these may cause during the trip, for the minutes for which the participants would be responsible, all these costs being the sole responsibility of the participant.

7. Obligations of the participant

The participant is totally responsible for his own safety and that of his family accompanying him.

The participant must respect the rules and laws in force in the countries visited.

In the event of a transgression, he will be solely responsible, in particular if he fails to wear a helmet (for motorcyclists) or in the event of use, possession or transport of narcotics, as well as in the event of exceeding the legal rate. of blood alcohol.

He undertakes to respect the speed limits and safety rules in force in the country.

He must be accustomed to the practice of his vehicle and be able to drive for an extended period.

The participant agrees to return his vehicle by his own means wherever he sees fit, Jurallye-Tour being released from all liability.

8. Insurance

Jurallye-Tour offers the participant to subscribe to the AXA group contract to cover the risks of cancellation of the trip, loss of luggage and medical repatriation of people. The possible repatriation of the vehicle must be done by the insurer of the participant's vehicle.

The following guarantees will be granted to persons having their usual residence in Metropolitan France or European border countries and Switzerland for a contribution of 3.05% of the amount of the trip. A summary of the guarantees is indicated below, the general provisions of the contract will be sent to you at the same time as your travel diary.

Cancellation: reimbursement of sums due according to the conditions of sale of the trip described above (excluding administrative costs) when you are obliged to cancel your trip before departure, in the event of serious illness, accident serious or death of yourself, your legal or de facto spouse or the person accompanying you, provided that it appears on the same invoice (including the aggravation of previous illnesses and the consequences of a previous accident ) of your ascendants or descendants and/or those of your spouse or those of the person accompanying you, provided that they appear on the same invoice, of your brothers, sisters, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, sons-in-law, girls.

The insurer also intervenes following: pregnancy complications before the 6th month, economic dismissal of yourself or your spouse. More than 50% destruction of professional and/or private premises by fire, explosion or water damage.

Excess €18 per person. Any claim must be declared within two days to the company Twintour (by fax email or postmark as proof) then confirmed by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the company Twintour within five days (2 days for luggage ) and the DIOT MONTAGNE insurance firm Immeuble Acropôle 88, av. of Aix-les-bains 74600 SEYNOD. The date of occurrence of the loss being the one which will determine, in all cases, the amount of compensation of the insurance.

What is not covered by cancellation insurance:

Exclusions common to all risks: civil or foreign war, riots, popular movements, voluntary participation of an insured person in riots or strikes, pandemics and viral epidemics of all kinds, disintegration of the atomic nucleus or any irradiation from a source energy presenting a radioactivity character, alcoholism, drunkenness, the use of medication, drugs or narcotics not medically prescribed, any intentional act that may entail the guarantee of the contract.

Cancellation caused by a person hospitalized at the time of booking the trip or taking out the contract. Pregnancy complications when the person is more than 6 months pregnant at the time of departure.

Illness requiring psychic or psychotherapeutic treatment, including nervous breakdowns, which did not require hospitalization for a minimum of 5 days at the time of the cancellation date of the trip.

Contraindication or forgetting to vaccinate

Accidents resulting from the practice of the following sports: bobsleigh, rock climbing, skeleton, mountaineering, competitive luge, all air sports, as well as those resulting from participation in or training for matches or competitions.

The non-presentation, for any reason whatsoever, of documents essential to the trip, such as passport, visa, transport tickets, vaccination record.

Illnesses, accidents having been the subject of a first observation, a relapse, an aggravation or hospitalization between the date of purchase of your trip and the date of subscription of this contract.

Baggage: €800. Reimbursement of objects and personal effects in the event of loss by a transport company, theft or damage. Deductible of €55 in the event of damage to the suitcases. Sound or image reproduction devices, jewelry and other valuables are compensated up to 50% of the amount of the guarantee.

Civil liability: bodily injury: €4,573,470 per claim, property damage €75,000 per claim – legal defence: €1,520 per dispute – advance on bail: €7,623 per accident.

Repatriation assistance: transport, medical repatriation: transport costs – additional reimbursement of medical expenses abroad: €7,623, dental costs: €76 – deductible per event: €35 – advance on hospitalization costs abroad: €7,623 € return of family members: transport costs – presence hospitalization: transport costs – hotel costs: (maxi 10 days) €60 maxi per day – transport of body in case of death: transport costs – coffin costs : maximum €762 – early return: transport costs – search, rescue and rescue costs at sea or in the mountains: €1,525 – shipment of medication: shipping costs – accompaniment of children under 15: transport costs .

The guarantees apply per claim and per year of insurance.
- Scope of guarantees 1,500,000 euros
Of which :
- All bodily injury, material and immaterial damage, consecutive or not 1,500,000 euros
- Deductible on all damages except bodily injury 1,500 euros
- Per insurance year Unlimited
- Per dispute 50,000 euros
- Scope of cover 8,000,000 euros per claim
Of which :
- Consequential material and immaterial damage €1,500,000 per claim
- Non-consequential non-material damage €500,000 per claim
- Food poisoning 800,000 euros per claim
- Occupational illnesses and/or inexcusable fault 1,500,000 euros per year of insurance
- Accidental damage to the environment 800,000 euros per claim
- Theft by employees 30,000 euros per claim
- Deductible on all damage except bodily injury 500 euros per claim

9. Complaint

Any complaint must be made by registered letter no later than 15 days after the return of the trip accompanied imperatively by the incident report issued by the local service provider. It is specified that any complaint made either by fax, telephone, simple mail, e-mail, or other means, either made after the deadline, or not made to the service provider(s) concerned, if applicable, cannot be taken into account. account.
In the event of a dispute, the plaintiff may seize either one of the jurisdictions with territorial jurisdiction under the Code of Civil Procedure, or the jurisdiction of the place where he lived at the time of the conclusion of the contract.
After this period, no complaint will be taken into consideration. We will do our best to settle any disputes amicably. Jurallye-TOUR has taken out a professional civil liability insurance contract with Hiscox France 75002 Paris.

Jurallye-TOUR benefits from a financial guarantee from APST.

10. Administrative formalities

The participant must provide the following documents: A valid driver's license.

Valid identity card for European countries and valid passport for countries outside Europe.

Vehicle registration document, and if he is not the owner, a signed authorization from the owner.

Insurance certificate (green card) mentioning that the country visited is indeed one of the countries covered by its insurance company (especially for Morocco).

If the participant does not subscribe to the insurance offered in paragraph 8, and does not pay for his entire trip by "top-of-the-range" bank card which covers medical repatriation, he must ensure that his insurance provides for repatriation. sanitary.


In the event of a mechanical breakdown or accident, the participant will have to manage the problem with his own car insurance, Jurallye-Tour does not offer mechanical assistance.
The stages may be modified for imperative reasons.

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